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baseURL = ""
languageCode = "en-us"
title = "Yann Verry"
theme = "hugo-scroll"
# A "copyright"-line to be added at the bottom of the page.
# Hint: Markdown is supported in here as well. So you may e.g. add a link to your legal imprint-page.
copyright = "copyleft Yann Verry"
# The "description" of your website. This is used in the meta data of your generated html.
description = "Yann Verry @ Home"
# The path to your "favicon". This should be a square (at least 32px x 32px) png-file.
favicon = "images/favicon.png"
# These "images" are used for the structured data templates. This will show up, when
# services like Twitter or Slack want to generate a preview of a link to your site.
# See and
images = ["images/20200517_174205.jpg"]
# Another "title" :-). This one is used as the site_name on the Hugo's internal
# opengraph structured data template.
# See and
title = "Yann Verry - home"