RouterOS prometheus exporter with restapi (7.1)
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RouterOS Prometheus Exporter


You need to create a user on routerOS (>7.1):

/user group
add name=prometheus policy=api,rest-api,!local,!telnet,!ssh,!ftp,!reboot,!write,!policy,!test,!password,!web,!sniff,!sensitive,!romon,!dude,!tikapp
add group=prometheus name=prometheus password=<your super secret password>

You also need www-ssl enable


On docker hub:

docker pull yverry/routeros-exporter


    image: yverry/routeros-exporter
    restart: always
        - ROUTER_IP=<your ROUTERIP>
        - ROUTER_USERNAME=<your prometheus username>
        - ROUTER_PASSWORD=<your super secret password>


simply use make build


Today thoose metrics was fetched by this exporter:

  • interfaces
    • tx
    • rx
    • fastTrack
  • cpu
    • load
    • irq